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Occupational Therapy Service that acknowledges the importance of Culture, Identity, Difference & Diversity.

Culturally Inclusive  
Neuro-Diverse Affirming  
Trauma Informed 
Disability Friendly 


Hello my name is Riwai Wilson, my pronouns are he/him and I'm a qualified and registered Occupational Therapist with over 16 years of practice experience in various settings including:

  • Mental Health providing therapeutic assessment and intervention to children, adolescents and adults.  Including play therapy, counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches

  • Physical health providing functional assessments, orthopaedic rehabilitation, independent living support

  • Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation

  • NDIS Occupational Therapy intervention 

  • Autism assessment and therapy clinic

  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service providing individual and family based social emotional wellbeing  support

  • Child Protection agency managing and providing therapeutic support to Aboriginal children and young people in out-of-home care. 

I have worked with a wide range of individuals and families who come from many different backgrounds, circumstances and life experiences, including working with Neuro-diverse individuals with ASD, ADHD, and people with a range lifestyles and disabilities. I have a particular interest in supporting  the LGBTQIA+ community. 


I enjoy supporting people to discover their gifts and strengths and build confidence and be proud of who they are. I am of New Zealand Maori descent and have strong links to my cultural heritage. I have lived in Melbourne for over 10 years and have two cats (Prince and Bowie) and a dog (Marley). I am also passionate about music, writing and painting, all things I do in my spare time. 

About Me


I provide TELEHEALTH or IN PERSON services to NDIS clients (plan managed and self managed) and Self-funded individuals across Melbourne. Services are mobile and I can meet clients in person at their preferred location including home, school or community location. 

I have experience working with children, young people and adults with diverse circumstances and diagnoses:

  • ASD & ADHD

  • Anxiety, OCD & Depression

  • ODD & Behaviour Disorders

  • Personality Disorders & Thought Disorders

  • Intellectual Disability & Downs Syndrome

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Physical Impairment & Functional Challenges 

Child and Adolescent Services

Adult Services

Occupational Therapy helps your child develop essential  life skills to enhance independence, confidence and strengthen their own unique identity and spirit. Healing Ways OT can provide a trauma informed, dynamic and specialised approach to engaging with your child utilising play-based, sensory and culturally inclusive practices and models. I provide the following services for children and adolescents aged 5-18yo via Telehealth or in person:

Occupational Therapy specialising in mental health work with individuals to support them to identify and successfully engage in the everyday activities they find meaningful. Occupational Therapists bring a unique occupational focus, addressing the activities and occupations that are important and meaningful to a person's daily life.

I provide the following services to Adults across the age span via Telehealth or in person:

  • NDIS OT Intervention

  • Mental Health Assessment & Intervention

  • Behaviour Support

  • Play Therapy & Counselling

  • Functional Assessment & Support

  • Sensory Profiling

  • Social skill development

  • Community integration

  • Independent living skills 

  • NDIS OT Intervention

  • Mental Health Assessment & Intervention

  • Individual Counselling

  • Sensory Profiling

  • Functional Assessments

  • Independent living skills

  • Social skill development

  • Community integration

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"E kitea ai nga taonga o te moana, me maku koe"

If you seek the treasures of the ocean, you'd better get wet.

Life is for Living!
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